Mimi Peak knows how to develop people.

She is an expert at helping people create lives of satisfaction, success, balance, joy, health and love. Along the way, they find that their business, relationships, finances, family, health, self-esteem and confidence, their entire lives begin to feel easier, more satisfying and joyful.

Mimi Peak’s coaching abilities are the result of a lifetime of studying, learning, and applying the best human development skills she could find in every area of life. She honed her thinking and research skills during her years as a civil litigation attorney in Los Angeles. This early career has served her well as she moved into her studies of human potential: the lawyer side of Mimi requires that any idea or theory is backed up with solid evidence and concrete results. Mimi’s approach to learning has always been thorough: she is only satisfied when she feels she understands and more important, is able to use what she learns with herself before she can teach it to others.

Mimi’s Education and Certifications

Mimi’s search for the best techniques has encompassed certifications in clinical hypnosis, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro-Associative Conditioning, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming; working as a Master Trainer with Robbins Research Int’l for seven years; becoming a Master Certified Coach with the International Coaches Federation; postgraduate studies at California School of Professional Psychology; and countless seminars, meetings, and trainings in everything from Science of Mind to Human Software Engineering.

Worldwide Clients

Mimi is the founder and owner of Peak Experiences Coaching, a company that offers the best executive, success and life coaching and coaching-related products to clients worldwide. Mimi’s past and current clients include billionaires, CEOs, Olympic-level athletes, celebrities, writers, speakers, parents, children, salespeople, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, other coaches — anyone who wants to be, do, and have more success and fulfillment.

Corporations in Europe, the Middle East and the U.S. have called upon Mimi to help them improve performance in employees and executive teams. She has worked with companies in the fields of international investment and finance, banking, real estate, the airline industry and the entertainment industry, teaching cutting-edge leadership, communication and empowerment skills and strategies.

A Highly Praised Speaker

Mimi has offered seminars and workshops in the U.S. and around the world, on topics ranging from Maximizing Your Potential, Adapting to Change, Leadership in the 21st Century, Effective Communication Skills, Conflict Management, Stress Management, Overcoming Creative Blocks, Accessing Your Higher Self, The Myth of Aging, and much more.

A Radio Personality

Mimi has been a featured weekly Life Transformation Coach on radio 97.1 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her Lessons of Mass Construction was heard every Tuesday as live callers learned to create more successful and happier lives.

At Home

When not traveling throughout Europe, the Middle East and the U.S., for one-on-one executive coaching and business coaching workshops, Mimi makes her home in Los Angeles, California.

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